Learning How to Make Your Own Wine

Make Your Own Wine With a Wine Making Kit

wineYou’ve probably never even thought about making your own wine.  Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?  And if it isn’t crazy, it’s probably expensive, right? Wrong! Wine making at home is not only quite inexpensive, it will actually pay for itself pretty quickly.  I was a little nervous when I first started because I didn’t know anything about making my own wine, and I wasn’t very good at ‘technical stuff’.  I was sure that I would mess it up.  But I said enough to limiting beliefs, and decided to try it out anyway.

Here’s All You Need to Know

You need to find a wine making kit that you are happy with.  These can be purchased pretty inexpensively, my first kit cost me about $60 and was a Pinot Noir that ended up tasting fantastic.  Since then I’ve upgraded to bigger, higher quality wine kits that cost a little more but when you’re starting out I highly recommending going with a pretty inexpensive kit.  They are just as easy (if not easier) than the more expensive ones, and if you really dislike making wine you aren’t out a bunch of money.

But I seriously doubt that will happen, because making wine turns out to be a lot of fun.

You also need to find a carboy that you are satisfied with.  I always tell people that they should just buy a five gallon carboy (the bucket that you use to ferment and brew your wine) even if they aren’t planning on making a full five gallon batch, this is because you will most likely try brewing larger batches as you grow as a home wine maker and why buy two carboys?  Better to just buy the right one the first time.

Finally, you will need cleaning supplies.  These are pretty easy to come by – check out your local hardware store, buy some brushes (for cleaning, not painting, obviously) and you’re good to go.  I suggest getting good brushes, like the industrial ones – because even though they cost a few extra bucks they won’t wear out easily and when you’re cleaning out the insides of your carboy you want a brush that means business.

You’ll thank me later.

That’s It

It’s pretty simple, I blog about my exploits in home wine making at Wine Stained Feet and I try to answer every possible question someone might have.  Wine making is pretty simple, but it’s always great to have people blogging that can give you a little guidance.

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