Learning About Brainwave Entrainment

Stimulate Your Brain

brainwaveBrain stimulation in the form of brainwave entrainment is becoming increasingly popular. It consist of using repetitive sound stimuli (commonly available as MP3 recordings) to bring about changes in the brainwaves of the listener. Sounds specifically configured are able have various effects on the brain. When brainwaves change, so does our state of mind and our ability to engage certain experiences.

Amongst the most common usages of brainwave entrainment, relaxation, meditation and sleep inducement all help to alleviate symptoms of modern lifestyles related to an accumulation of stress. These types of audio recordings, then, can help the listener to release stress by facilitating these activities (relaxation, meditation, sleep). This technology is not limited to these types of activities, however. There are also MP3 recordings made to help dream recall, develop a positive perspective, generate good health, manifestation visualization and breaking bad habits such as smoking.

It may seem strange or sound too good to be true at first but this technology is actually used rather extensively in therapeutic environments to treat various psychological and physical disorders. Brain research has demonstrated that at any time of the day and night, our brains are producing brainwaves which are intimately linked to the types of experiences we are engaging at any point in time. By working directly with our brainwaves, then, we are making it easier for us to access states of minds related to meditation, improved memory, increased energy or whatever the sound frequencies of the brainwave entrainment recordings are targeting.

There are different types of audio brainwave entrainment recordings in use today. Among these, isochronic tones are perhaps the most interesting as they have proven to be more effective than other types of entrainment recordings in different scientific researches. The listener only need to select the recording of his or her choice, settle nicely in a time which incorporates no distractions and listen to the sounds for the duration of the recording. Using visualizations and making one’s intent clear at the time will work nicely with the sound frequencies to help bring about the desired state of consciousness.

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