Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

No More Painful Waxing!

laser hair removalA lot of people think of dieting when posed with the challenge of getting their bodies ready to don a bikini. However, having a hair free bikini line should not be overlooked as this will add to your confidence in wearing low cut bikinis. There are several methods available for getting rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area and the most popular are shaving, waxing, using depilatory creams, and laser hair removal. While generally more expensive, the laser treatment method can be considered the best especially if you are also interested in a more permanent hair removal solution.

There are several reasons why people consider laser hair removal to be the best alternative. When done by a skilled and licensed professional, this method is quick, relatively painless, generally have no side effects, and have longer lasting results. Compared to other methods, lasers have an edge especially with the bikini line area. It is more convenient compared to shaving. It also does not cause skin irritations compared to depilatory creams. Unlike waxing, you only have to endure the slight stinging pain once. Also, the laser removal method does not cause ingrown hair which is the case with shaving and waxing.

The reason why laser hair removal offers more permanent results than the other methods is that it gets rid of hair at the source. The laser beam emits an intense heat that will destroy the hair follicles. This will prevent hair from growing back. In some cases, hair may grow back but the hair strand will be much thinner and have a lighter color that makes it hard to notice. To prepare for this treatment, you will have to avoid the sun for around a month since tanned skin is difficult to treat. You will also have to shave clean the bikini line around three days before your appointment. On the day of the treatment, avoid applying any cream or lotion on the area.

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