Large Skeleton Wall Clocks with Pendulums

Skeleton Wall Clocks

Skeleton Wall Clock One of the coolest features of skeleton wall clocks is that they have transparent casing which allows you to see their mechanical insides as the clock ticks. Pendulums are incorporated into the design of large clocks which are often made of combinations of wood and glass which allows one to see the gears as they work. Something you have to admit about these unique large clocks is that although they are decorative, they do not always fit within such locations as the office.

They aren’t easy to interpret and tend to be distracting as the pendulum swings and the chimes go off during intervals while luring your eyes with the gears moving in full view. If you must, place them in the waiting room but not inside a busy office environment. Ensuring that skeleton wall clocks keep running demands that someone does the job of winding them by pulling a chain or resetting the weights.

This is because they are mechanical and as such, do not use batteries or external electrical sources. The pendulum needs to be manually checked to ensure its swinging and keeping the time accurate means you have to rely on manually updating or changing the hands.

Currently, Bulova is one of the companies which still produce large skeleton clocks for those who want to buy new ones rather that go for antiques which are the majority models in the market. Some great imitations of genuine antique models are to be found at the Templeton Regulator which features pieces with brass pendulums.

The Maple Clock is more of a contemporary model which uses batteries but still has a transparent panel where you can see its gears at work plus a large dial. These large clocks styled in the contemporary ay are affordable at prices under $100 if you check online clock shops. High Fashion Home carries a particular design which is great addition to an office due to its classic steel contemporary design which is simple but still interesting. The simple inner workings are displayed in the round steel frame which makes for a sleek finish. It goes for only $70 or less!

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