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Researching Niches

seoKeyword Research is probably the most important part of the process when building niche websites. If your keyword research is off then you will never be able to make any sales. There are two extremes when considering what can go wrong with the wrong keyword research. First is, you pick a highly competitive phrase which has no chance of making onto the first page of google and the second is, you pick a phrase that easily gets to the first page of google but it gets no searches. If either of those two things happen, the result is basically the same: No visitors to your website and no sales. You should be aiming for a search term that has a relatively high search volume and low competition. They, are out there, but it’s just a case of finding them! So.. How do you find such phrases? Well there are several tools that you can use, some are paid for and some are free. I never rely on just one and tend to use them all together.

The first one is The Google External Keyword Tool

It works really well and may be all you need when you first start out. It may take you some time to extract the right information from it, but it’s all there.

The second is SEO Book

Again it’s free and if you haven’t tried it yet, then you really need to. It gives you some great ideas for longer tail keywords along with the daily search volume. There are plenty of other statistics that it will give you. Can’t recommend it enough!!

The third is Micro Niche Finder

This one isn’t free however! Micro Niche Finder is the daddy of all keyword research tools! It’s the one the pros use and it’s the one I use 95% of the time. It makes it possible to identify profitable niches in absolutely no time at all. If you check out the videos you will see all the features it has that make it the number one choice for Internet marketers. Whatever method you choose to use, make sure you choose a keyword phrase that gets a good number of searches and doesn’t have too much competition. Some competition is ok because you want to know that the niche is profitable.. but just don’t go after something like ‘make money online’.. You’ll end up on about page 700 of google with that one!


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