Jamaican Black Castor Oil vs Regular Castor Oil

Which is The Best Castor Oil

Castor OilThere are many products in the commercial market today that are assumed to help with hair growth. Some are very expensive while others are affordable but no matter what the price is, you need to be wary of the quality of the product that you would choose for your hair—whether you are shopping for hair growth or hair care products.

What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Among the relatively popular products is Jamaican black castor oil. It is not really very different from any regular castor oil since the distinction would probably lie in the preparation of the oil. Jamaican black is prepared through manual means. Basically, the seeds of castor are roasted and a manual grinder will then pound the seeds to be finer. Lastly, the ground seeds are boiled so as to extract the oil. If the process is done correctly and at ideal conditions, the oil will turn out to be as pure as it should.

The popularity of Jamaican black would most likely be due to the color that it presents as a finished product. Users of the Jamaican black oil say that the ash content provides more effective treatment for their hair problems. The ash content would be possible only if the seeds are roasted longer. This type of castor oil product can help the hair grow faster. Aside from this, the damage caused by different factors such as heat exposure, harsh salon treatments and bacterial growth that causes dandruff can be remedied.

How is Jamaican Black Castor Oil Different from Regular Castor Oil?

Some prefer Jamaican black castor oil to the regular one since the former provides more balanced conditioning and does not leave any thick residue. This means that the Jamaican black kind has thinner consistency as compared to regular castor. Still, some may argue that this would largely depend on who uses it and how s/he applies the product.

Also, the difference also lies with the scent that both types of castor oil provide. Jamaican black has this distinct earthy smell while the regular one may have a pungent smell. However, other people would argue that regular oil should be pure so that there will be no scent. The color of the Jamaican castor would be leaning towards the darker shade of brown to black while the regular one would be colorless or would have a yellow tinge.

Still, Jamaican black and regular castor oil would have almost the same properties when speaking of the benefits that can be gained from using each one. Both will still have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and the hair benefits from both products are still better because they are organic.

Whatever the reviews are for Jamaican black castor oil as well as regular castor oil, both men and women can use it for both internal and external problems. The choice between the two would largely depend on the specific needs and preference of the person who will use either one. Still undecided, you can opt to try one or the other.

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