Is the Super King Size Mattress for You?

A Super King Mattress Provides a Great Nights Sleep

super king size mattressThere are many companies providing various types of mattresses in the market ranging from the super king size mattress to a smaller queen size, a double to single bed options. However today we will discuss about why the Jamison mattresses are superior and more reliable compared to the other mattresses in the retail market today.

Out of the various Jamison mattress reviews, one prime reason for choosing a Jamison mattress is that they have been innovating and dishing out mattresses since 1883, making them one of the oldest among its competitors. Jamison has a stunning retailer network of more than 450 dealers just in the south east of the United States with over a million buyers till date. Additionally, they have been supplying mattresses to most big reputed hotels such as the Marriott, Intercontinental and Choice Hotels.

Apart from its amazing demand and mattress history, the customers who have bought Jamison mattress also swear by its quality and reliability. One thing about Jamison is that they use the best available raw material to manufacture their beds and do not compromise on the quality of the mattress being designed. Jamison superior “Smart Coils” technology involves intersprings placed in various alternating right- turn, left-turn construction that makes it easier for the person to lie down comfortably in bed as the coils work together reducing pressure that is noticed in pseudo spring mattresses.

Even as memory foam mattresses have grabbed the market lead amongst its users as a convenient option for those people who suffer from various back problems, Jamison has now introduced amongst its designs, various memory foam mattresses to choose from. But a memory foam mattress is not a popular choice amongst those people who miss the typical spring action of the bed and so choosing a regular Jamison mattress from their wide range of mattresses is still a good option for such people.

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