Is Sensa Safe – Find Out The Facts

What is Sensa and is it Safe to Use?

sensa productsThere’s been a lot of talk about Sensa over the last few months. Many people are claiming it to be a new wonder drug that makes helps you to lose weight fast while others are calling it a scam. With all the news coverage surrounding Sensa it’s hard to have not heard about it. The big question is “is Sensa safe?” However before we address that, let me give a brief overview of what Sensa is exactly.


What is Sensa?

Sensa seems like the perfect weight loss system because you get to eat your favorite foods and not have to worry about counting calories! All you do is eat your food and sprinkle some Sensa food flakes over your food. The idea is that the Sensa flakes work with your sense of smell and trick your brain into thinking that you are full without having to eat a lot of food.


Is Sensa Safe?

It seems as though everyday more and more people are asking is Sensa safe? The safety concerns are growing because quite a few people are claiming that they are suffering from the side effects of Sensa. When you look at the ingredients however they do appear to be quite safe.

Sensa is made from tricalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, soy, milk and carmine. It contains zero calories, gluten, sugar or sodium. There’s nothing sinister about Sensa so in answer to the question ‘is Sensa safe?’ I would have to say yes. The question you should probably be asking is whether Sensa actually works and not is it safe!


Does Sensa Work?

sensa and burgerOk, so we know that Sensa is safe (although a small minority of people may still experience adverse side effects) but does it work? As with all diet and weight loss supplements it’s difficult to tell and there isn’t any real conclusive evidence either way.

The best thing I can suggest is for you to try it yourself and see what you think.

In that lies a danger in itself because there are a lot of Sensa scams about. A lot of people have reported trying the free Sensa offers only to find their credit card has been billed anyway.

If you don want to try Sensa you should probably steer clear of all the the free offers and actually buy yourself a starter kit so that you can see if it actually works for you. A safe place to buy Sensa is from Amazon has the full range of Sensa products and you know you trust Amazon.

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