Is Laser Eye Surgery Very Painful?

laser eyeMany people have bad vision, so they are stuck wearing glasses or contacts. But, with laser eye surgery, they can drop the inconvenience that is associated with wearing glasses, and lose them forever. This may appeal to many people, and many people may choose to check out the option of eye surgery. After considering the surgery, they often start to wonder whether does laser eye surgery hurt, and what exactly the purpose of the procedure is. There are various types of laser eye surgery procedures, but all of them are known to be pretty painless, although the recipient may feel some unease after the procedure. Additionally, the purpose of the surgery is to reshape the eye so that myopia and hyperopia (shortsightedness and farsightedness) can be corrected.

Users of laser surgery for eyes have said that they experienced around the same amount of pain as laser hair removal. Some people say it is like getting popped with a rubber band. Many people are easily able to endure the associated pain. However, it is vital that an individual who has just underdone the surgery remembers to use eye protections for the next couple of days that follows, and that they avoid the sun. However, after recovery, most people will find that the small amount of pain is worth never having to wear lenses again.

So, although there may be some pain associated with this surgery, it should not stop anyone from deciding to go through with it. If there is no pain, then there is no gain. Also, seeing as though the price has gone down, there is no reason why people should not undergo the surgery. If they still want to wear glasses as a fashion statement, then they can do so, but they will never be required to again, if they chose to reap the benefits laser eye surgery has to offer.

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