Is It ADHD or ODD?

oddThere are about one out of every three children with ADHD that are diagnosed with having a second disorder known as Oppositional Defiance Disorder or ODD. ODD is fairly common among ADHD children. When a child has been diagnosed with both of these disorders, it can cause more difficulty in raising the child than if he were just diagnosed with ADHD. It is difficult to diagnose if your child has the ADHD ODD combination or if he just suffers from either ADHD or ODD because these two disorders can be confusing. Below are some key points to look upon to determine the differences between these two disorders.

What are the differences between ADHD and ODD?

1.      Prescription drugs can work with ADHD to reduce the symptoms upon taking the drugs, while no drugs have been shown to work with ODD to treat the symptoms of it.

2.      Prescription drugs for ADHD are usually the first treatment option for ADHD; however, prescription drugs should be the last option in patients with ODD. Prescription drugs should only be taken by ODD patients when all of the other treatments have failed.

3.      ODD is like a disease that is chronic because it does not go away easily. It can exist for several years, while ADHD can be treated for a short time provided the individual has the right treatment.

4.      People with ADHD find it difficult to determine if what they’re doing is good or bad until the consequences occur unlike people with ODD that exhibit bad behaviors because they want to.

5.      ADHD can be treated with prescription drugs and other alternative ADHD remedies, but ODD is best treated by using behavioral modification treatment.

6.      ADHD can subside by adulthood, but ODD usually lasts into adulthood.

7.      Exhibiting inappropriate behaviors is often seen by ODD people even if they are already told that it is not right, while ADHD people stop exhibiting these behaviors when they are told they’re wrong.

8.      Children with ADHD can be taught by giving rewards, while children with ODD cannot be.

Early diagnosis of these disorders can benefit your child. With these points of differences, you’ll have a better understanding whether your child suffers from ADHD or ODD.

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