Introduce Your Kids to Whole Wheat Goodness

Healthy Foods For Kids

Whole WheatWe all want our kids to eat healthier foods.  One of the easiest way to do this is simply to serve healthier foods.  Sounds easy? With a little planning, help from your family and great recipes, it can be.

The first important point in introducing your kids to whole wheat products is to not make a big deal about it.  Simply start serving it. Begin by buying one package of whole wheat pasta noodles instead of your regular pasta. You can even mix it in with the remaining pasta that you have. If you are serving it with a good tomato or meat sauce, chances are the kids won’t even notice it.

The second important point in encouraging children to make healthier food choices is to get them involved in food preparation. Baking from scratch is a great family activity, and there are all kinds of lessons that can be taught from math to agriculture.  Baking bread is lots of fun for kids on a rainy day when they can use their energy and their (carefully scrubbed, of course) little hands to knead the dough.  Use this homemade wheat bread recipe to get them started.  Are they little cookie monsters? The goodness of pumpkin and whole wheat flour are combined with chocolate chips in this delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies recipe which is easy to make and easier to eat.  Children are much more likely to eat something they have had a hand in preparing.

Finding healthy recipes your family will love is the third point in getting your kids to eat food made with whole wheat.  Check your local board of health, state or federal nutrition department, and of course the Internet for kid friendly healthy meals.  Remember to make changes gradually, and not to make a big fuss if your little ones (or big ones) don’t like a dish, simply try a different one next time, or reduce the amount of whole wheat flour slightly.  Soon you will find that it isn’t  really a big deal to get your kids to eat healthy whole grains.

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