Intimacy Meditation for Beginners

Could Intimacy Meditation Help You?

intimacy meditationIt happens in most relationships.  You start off blissfully, where each gaze into each other’s eyes is a trip to heaven and each touch sparks butterflies in your stomachs.  Then, over time, familiarity with each other and the pull of everyday life creeps in to drive a wedge between you.  Romantic interludes give way to sitcoms and housecleaning, and the spark can seem to dissipate quickly.  Somewhere along the way, we cease seeing each other, and instead see only a distorted projection of ourselves overlaid on our partners.

If this describes your relationship, don’t worry.  If you’d like to remain in your relationship, but would like to improve the emotional and physical intimacy you experience, the answer is all in your head.  Literally.  The thoughts you think influence the feelings you experience, and both of those things influence the quality of your relationship’s intimacy.  So improving intimacy means improving the quality of your thoughts.

One of the best ways to accomplish that is through intimacy meditation.  While it’s not accurate to say that there is a wide variety of guided imagery meditation available, there is a high quality intimacy meditation for beginners available online through Connection Audio.

This intimacy meditation utilizes guided imagery scripts to accomplish two things:  first, it improves your self-esteem and enhances your confidence that you are lovable, desirable, and worthy of intimacy and trust.  Second, it helps foster feelings of trust and intimacy toward your partner, which may have become diminished in the messiness of life.

Is guided imagery intimacy meditation a relationship panacea?  Certainly not immediately, though you will notice immediate improvement in your outlook and receptivity toward your partner.  Over time, however, you will be surprised at how profoundly guided imagery meditation can deepen and strengthen your relationship with your intimate partner.  And it’s easy – it just requires a quiet room, 30 minutes of time, and an audio player.

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