International Call Forwarding

Stay In Contact with Customers Abroad

international callsStaying in contact with your customers abroad is necessary; they want to be able to reach you when the need arises. Thanks to modern technology, international call forwarding now enables you to do that.

With so many business trading on a global scale, being contactable by your customers is a necessity, no matter what country they are in. You could give them your normal phone number, but this is going to cost them tremendously when they dial internationally to reach you. There must be an easier way to help your customers connect with you no matter where you are in the world at the time.

Global call forwarding is the best product to be invented for businesses today. Allowing your customers to phone a toll free number for their country and directing the call to your phone. There is no charge to your customers and they will recognize the number as a number for their country, putting you ahead of the crowd when it comes to business.

The number issued to you for this service is a global number which you can forward to your mobile phone, an office landline or a call centre. Making you available to your customers when they call shows your service orientation and can only result in repeat business in the future. The ability for your customers to be able to make cheap calls to Spain if that is where you are at the time is a bonus; the ability to stay connected will help your business grow.

A call forwarding option along with your virtual number will enable your customers to make cheap international calls from mobile. Your customer dials one toll free number that they will recognize as a number from their own country and they do not need to be redirected through an operator. It is quick and easy, making it a great business tool when trading internationally.

By getting toll free numbers for the countries you deal with on a regular basis makes it easier for your customers to contact you. Customers do not want to incur the cost of making an international call to follow up on an order or have an answer questioned, but with a toll free number they won’t think twice and are able to call you without hesitation.

Time differences and language barriers need to be taken into account when setting up your call forwarding and virtual numbers. If you have a lot of customers in a specific country it may be worthwhile forwarding their calls to a company representative that is fluent in that language. If time differences are great, make sure the calls are forwarded to company representatives that are on duty during those hours. These communication technologies make your company available to your customers twenty four hours a day.

Once you have set up these features the benefits will be rewarding. Being able to allow your customers to call you with queries and orders no matter where you are or whatever time it is in your country, will ensure that you never miss out on any business deals and your profits will soar.

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