Infographics Are Set to Take the Online World by Storm in 2012

Have You Hears of Infographics?

infographicsInfographics are visual representations of complex information, designed to represent complicated information quickly, and in a way that is easy to digest. Infographics have surrounded us for years – in signs, weather forecasts, maps and how-to books – but many companies are only just starting to take advantage of the potential they present in online marketing.

Infographics are highly sharable for web users and an interesting infographic can attract thousands of links from websites, blogs and across social media. They can be interactive and provide a fun relief for people whilst still being informative, unlike a blog post which requires time and concentration to take in. Instead of presenting dry and complex data as it is, Infographics should be engaging, with interesting statistics represented in a compelling way that makes people want to pass them on.

Links are important because they are key to improving your SEO. Hosting the infographic on your site will ensure people link back to your site as much as possible, and often using the keywords that are valuable to your business. When you create an infographic encourage sharing but also try to make sure that a link is included each time it is listed. When used as part of a well thought out SEO campaign, Infographics can be gold dust for your search marketing.

Infographics are also a great way to demonstrate the expertise of your business. Think about the data that you collect or that you use every day. Often the most run of the mill numbers can be compelling when you put them into context. If your business deals with a lot of orders, think about showing people how many orders you send a day, or where they go to or many how your industry works. A little bit of thought can reveal some highly interesting ideas.

When creating an infographic you should also think about what you want to achieve with it and who it is aimed at. If you are just after the most shares for as many links as possible then you shouldn’t pick a specialist topic that only applies to a specific demographic or industry. On the other hand, your target market may be specific and if you want to show how much you know then specialism isn’t a bad idea. If you are targeting as wide an audience as possible then consider using humor as a way to make the infographic as ‘sharable’ as possible.

Remember that the most creative ideas usually travel furthest, so think outside the box. Infographics don’t have to be static – video seo is also gaining traction and representing similar themes in a moving video can keep users more engaged. You also have sites such as YouTube to take advantage of, so make sure that you set up a channel and that it is clear who your company is and include a link to your site.

If you haven’t thought of using infographics yet then now is the time to start as 2012 will be the year when they really take off – you don’t want to get left behind! Search for companies providing content marketing services and you should find some are now offering viral infographics campaigns.

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