I Have A Cold Sore! Do I Have Herpes?

Herpes & Cold Sores

cold soreThe most common sign of herpes is cold sores on lips. The herpes virus that causes cold sores afflicts a large majority, which is estimated to be over eighty percent, of Americans. The virus usually will not cause problems for those who have a strong immune system. However, others can develop cold sores on the lips, mouth, cheeks and chin. Technically, if you have cold sores, you have the herpes virus. This is different from genital herpes which develop from another form of the virus. Unfortunately, through unsafe oral sex, both strains can be transferred between the mouth and genitals.

Sores that are present inside a person’s mouth, especially in the soft tissues, are probably not cold sores. These are most likely canker sores and are not a result of the herpes virus. Cold sores are totally different from canker sores. When you see the two sores side by side in pictures, the difference is quite obvious and easy to discern. Canker sores are not at all related to sores that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They occur when the soft tissue inside the mouth is injured as a result of stress or trauma. Except for the most extreme cases, these will heal on their own.

It is wise to find out how to get rid of acne and cold sores on lips as soon as possible. An over-the-counter product, such as a gel or cream, can be used to treat cold sores. Simply use warm water to wash the face, and dry it afterwards. After the skin is dry, use a cotton swab or finger to apply the product directly to the sore and adjoining skin. For an hour afterwards, try to avoid activities such as licking your lips, drinking water and eating food. For fast results, apply the product four to five times daily.

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