Hypnosis Really Works For Childbirth

Natural Childbirth?

child birthDrugs have become a fairly standard method of coping with pain during labor and childbirth.  Unfortunately, the use of drugs often interferes with the body to feel and naturally push.  This is when a cascade of interventions often starts, and can lead to unnecessary procedures like using forceps, vacuum or even C-section.  However, there is a growing movement of preventive pain reduction through the use of hypnosis that is finding great success.

How Hypnosis Reduces and Even Eliminates Pain

Hypnosis, either with a live therapist or hypnotist, or through the use of hypnosis recordings, acts to break the fear-tension-pain cycle that is so common amongst expectant mothers.  Through the use of hypnosis, you are deeply relaxing, and becoming open to suggestions to get rid of anxiety and fears about childbirth.  There is a known connection between fear and pain.  Often, fear causes a fight or flight response in the body, that causes higher blood pressure, increase in heart rate, and increase in muscle tension.  Muscle tension during labor is most often the cause of pain.

The hypnosis recordings are mainly used during pregnancy, on a regular basis.  Hypnosis meets the most success with regular sessions.  However, it is also good to use hypnosis recordings, or even self-hypnosis during childbirth.

Studies Reveal Hypnosis-Childbirth Success

There are lots of studies showing that hypnosis is effective for reducing pain, for quitting smoking, for helping with alcoholism, and for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  There are also lots of studies showing that hypnosis and guided imagery are successful in reducing pain, changing behavior, and reducing the need for pain medication during childbirth.

In one study, one group of women received hypnotic induction and tips on pain control, while another group only learned breathing and relaxation exercises.  The hypnosis group reported less pain.  Furthermore, they had shorter labors and less need for pain medication.

That isn’t to say that relaxation techniques and breathing are not helpful in pain reduction.  But, used in conjunction with hypnosis, you are more likely to birth with less pain.

The great thing about hypnosis is that, really, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  This means that once you learn the ropes, you can even practice this on your own.  However, having an experienced therapist, hypnotist or quality hypnosis recordings are the best way to start.

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