How to Use a CPM Machine

Using a CPM Machine – What You Need to Know

CPM machineIf you’re wondering how to use a CPM machine, the first thing that you need to take into account is what particular part of your body needs the rehabilitation. This is because each individual continuous passive motion machine is designed to target a specific area of the body. For example, there are specifically designed devices that are meant to target common joint areas such as the knee, wrist, ankle, elbow, and shoulder. Before you actually attempt to use any CPM machine, you will obviously will want to make sure you have the right device for your particular joint problem, so you can avoid further injury. For those of you who don’t have this piece of equipment yet, your first task is to either purchase one of these devices, rent them, or visit a facility that owns them and lends them out for use.

First, for those of you who do not have one of these rehabilitation devices, there are number of ways you can acquire these, the most common method is usually go with a CPM machine rental service. These particular services are usually covered by most health care providers, and if you feel uncountable doing the physical rehab in the privacy of your own home because you feel like you might need some guidance, you can also use these in rehabilitation clinics and hospital settings throughout the country.

Now when it comes to what these actual devices do, they are specifically designed to encourage blood flow which ultimately is what provides the nutrients to the muscle tissue to which encourages rehabilitation. What you do is you put your affected joints and ligaments in the harness of the respective CPM machine and then you slowly allow it to move your joints and unnatural and therapeutic fashion to help you regain the strength in the area lost from either surgery or inactivity. This can dramatically speed up the time in which your joints become fully functional again, which is particularly important for people with families to take care of or jobs to return to.

The typical amount of time that most patients end up using these particular devices, can range quite a bit depending upon which particular joints are being worked on, and of course, if  multiple joints are being treated. Generally, if the device is being used after reconstruction surgery, you can expect the recovery time and the rehabilitation time to take about 3 to 6 weeks. However, this can vary depending on the age of the patient and whether they get appropriate post op care in addition to access to a proper CPM device.

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