How to Stop Panic Attacks

An Alternative Method on How to Stop Panic Attacks

how to stop panic attacksPanic attacks have risen to be the number one known mental illness today. Its growing numbers have even surpassed that of depression. The more disturbing fact is that most people who suffer panic attacks do not have clue of what they are experiencing. In their minds, they are going through an unsurpassable experience in which they may even have a chance to die. This is not to be treated as abnormal since it is only normal that we feel this way when faced with overwhelming scenarios that test our mental, emotional and psychological stability. This is actually healthy up to the point when we feel panicked and distressed frequently and for no particular reason at all. These are the serious cases of panic attacks.

Overcoming anxiety requires our full attention. Certainly we do not want to be engulfed by mental illnesses since these are the hardest to cure because it affects the state of being of an individual. You can read about a lot of ideas over the internet on how to stop panic attacks. There are different methods introduced to us but often, we find the methods start with breathing techniques and relaxation. These are highly relevant methods and are useful, not just with panic attacks, but with the treatment of other mental illnesses as well.

If you have seen the movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, there was this thing that they called a kick, which served as their jolt to get out of the dreamworld and come back to another dream level or the real world. I think this could be likened with having panic attacks. When experiencing a panic attack, the mind is blinded by fear and thus cannot properly react to the surroundings. This deprives us to instantly relax and calm ourselves unless we have that kick. There was also this object, a totem, which was an object that helped them distinguish what was real and what was not. With your panic attacks, find your own totem that you can use as your kick to jolt you out of your senses. Bring it with you always, wherever you go, since you really cannot anticipate the occurrence of a panic attack. Ensure that this object triggers good memories to make it more effective. This is your basic defence toward the attack, and after it the other methods of dealing with anxiety should follow.

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