How to Modify the Thumbnail in Your Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Tips

facebook profile tipsEvery Facebook profile has its own picture. Whether it is an actual photo of yourself, a cartoon, avatar or the default image is up to you. But getting your profile picture to look the way you want is important for several reasons.

Why Your Profile Picture Is Important

Facebook profile pictures really are users’ faces on the site. Remember:

  • Facebook displays a thumbnail of your profile image throughout the site
  • Facebook displays that thumbnail on your main page
  • Facebook displays that thumbnail photo in search results

Whenever you have an activity, say when you comment on a friend’s status, or send a message, chat or play a game, it is the thumbnail of your photo that others see.

Editing Your Profile Picture Thumbnail

But sometimes your profile picture does not look quite right in thumbnail view. This is possible when you have a fairly large image. Your full photo may appear on your profile page. But elsewhere the thumbnail is displayed and it may focus on the wrong part of the image.

To get your Facebook photo to look right:

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Click Edit My Profile
  3. Click Profile Picture
  4. Click Edit Thumbnail
  5. Click and drag the picture in any direction to adjust its position
  6. Click Save

As Facebook tells you in the dialog box, that thumbnail will be used as your picture on the site.

Profile Picture Tips

When you adjust your thumbnail, try positioning your head or face near the middle. But it does not have to be in the dead center. Make sure nothing essential is cut off. And don’t feel bad about cutting off somebody from a group shot to make a profile image out of it. It’s your picture. However many people use pictures of themselves with loved ones as their profile image.

Facebook will display your profile photos and thumbnails in an album. You can go to your profile page and click the “x” button on the top right of a picture to hide it from view, if you want. If you do not like your picture, you can always switch to another one.

Your profile photo can determine how others perceive you on Facebook. Make it an accurate view of yourself as you want to be on the site.

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