How To Make Money With Blogs

Blogging – Choose  A Topic You Know About

bloggingHaving a successful blog is all about connecting with your readers.  The best way to connect with your readers is to write about what you know.  If you are just beginning and want to know how to make money with blogs then this is a good place to start.  The following are some tips to help you choose the right topics to write about and connect with your readers.

1.  Choose topics that are easy for you to write about —  Make money blogs have a lot of content.  This means you will be doing a lot of writing.  This will be difficult if you are writing about topics that you don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience in.  If you know your topic well then the writing is much easier.  So avoid the temptation to choose a niche that you are not familiar with.

2.  Experience is a great help —  If you have a lot of experiences involving your niche you will be in great shape.  It is so much easier to write about your past experiences.  It will just flow off of the top of your head.  There is not a lot of thinking that needs to be done.  Plus, readers love to read these types of posts. Many of them will have had similar experiences and will relate to you.  Others will learn from your experiences.  Regardless, they will get to know you better which is important for make money blogs.

3.  Find creative ways to provide solutions —  Every niche has problems that people are looking for answers to.  Zero in on some of the common problems in your niche and provide solutions that will benefit your readers.  Get creative and your readers will love it.  Share an experience you had solving a problem in your niche.  One thing that works well is to write about it in the form of a story.  People enjoy reading these kinds of posts.  If you can do this consistently your blog will become very popular.

Be sure you choose a niche you are comfortable writing about.  It is a big help if you have knowledge and experiences that you can draw from when writing your posts.  This will make your job a lot easier and your readers will enjoy it as well.

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