How to Make Fabric Patio Covers and Patio Cushions

Make Your Own Patio Covers

You already have patio covers but the fabric is worn out or simply, you got tired of the design of the thing. So, why not make your own patio covers that are made of fabric? Here are the instructions on how to make your very own fabric patio covers.

First, you have to do the measurements of the fabric that you will use in your patio covers. You can do this by laying out the material that holds the fabric, the one that you will replace, and open the seams. Then, do the measurement of the length and width so that you will know the amount of fabric that you will purchase.

Lay your purchased fabric in the grass and spray it with sun protector to prolong the life of the material by protecting it against the UV rays of the sun. Then, lay the fabric on the material that holds the patio covers and trace it with a marker. Make sure to mark all the sides and seams with extra inches to sew on. Then saw the marked portions to the old frame of the patio covers. Do not forget to put weight on the edge of the sleeves so that it will hang evenly. You now have new design on your patio cover.

To accessorize your patio more, you can also make your own patio cushions. First, you have to measure the area of the chair where you will put the patio cushions. Then, purchase the cushion; you have to provide the dimensions of the patio cushions to the store. Then, measure the fabric that you will cover the patio cushion with. Be careful in the measurement; do not forget to consider the thickness of the cushion in all sides of the patio cushions. Then sew the fabric together like how you will saw a pillowcase. If you have an artist mind in you, you can always cut out patterns that you can saw in your patio cushions.

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