How to Lose the Love Handles After Giving Birth

Post Pregnancy Fat and How to Lose it

There is probably no greater feeling in the world than becoming a mother and bringing to life a new little person. Plus being pregnant actually has its benefits! For instance, you will have that mommy-to-be healthy skin glow on you that will make you feel like you’re a celebrity! Another benefit of being an expectant mother is that you will be spoiled silly especially when you have a loving husband who’s willing to do anything to make you feel comfortable.

Here’s another good thing that comes with pregnancy that women especially those who are not that endowed around the chest area will love – you will have cleavage to show off! Plus when you are pregnant, you actually have an excuse for that bump on your belly area. You won’t be so conscious of your growing midsection and become frustrated about not knowing how to lose belly fat.

But when you give birth, even when you used to have a flat and toned midsection, you will be sure that once that little bundle of joy comes out, you will be left with a not so nice, kinda big midsection. You’re of course not alone in this dilemma. Even Hollywood actresses who become moms end up having this dilemma. The only difference is they seem to know the secret on how to lose belly fat fast!

What kind of exercise have they done to get that flat and toned stomach so quickly? Well read on!

Aerobic Exercise

Doing some sort of aerobic fitness training exercise is one of the most important things a new mom who want to lose the post pregnancy belly fat quickly. Aerobics will burn calories rapidly and speeds up your metabolism as well, helping you break down the foods you ate.

To do this, it is advisable that you start with a short warm up exercise, about 5 to 10 minutes followed by an aerobic exercise activity of your choice around 20 to 40 minutes. Remember to keep the pace of your fitness training exercise high but make sure that you will also be able to maintain this for the entire time of your exercise.

Abdominal Exercises

Working out your abdominal muscles is also very crucial in losing the unwanted belly fat after pregnancy. Just like aerobic exercises, you will speed up your metabolism and burn off fat by building up your abdominal muscles. You can do exercises specific for the abdominal area for two to three times a week with about 12 to 20 repetitions.

Like with any new experience, a slow start is good. You can start your abdominal exercise with a basic crunch and hip raises are pretty easy and simple to do as well. These two abdominal exercises are a good start because work out different areas in the midsection region and they are a great way to mix up your stomach exercises.

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