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Here is a simple fact that you might not have thought about:

“Everyone is born with more or less the same vocal chord”

The difference between people who can sing and people who can’t sing is simply just practice and training.

If you learn how to use your vocal chords properly, you can have a great singing voice!


Some People Are Born To Singborn to sing

While it’s true that some people are natural singers, that doesn’t mean you can’t train your voice to be equally as good. Even though some of today’s biggest singing stars were born naturally talented singers, many other world famous stars had to learn how to sing. If they can do it, so can you.



Is it True That Singing Without Training Can Harm your Vocal Chords?

The small amount of people who can naturally sing well are so very very lucky. They’re lucky because they’ve learned how to use their vocal chords in the correct way. Even then, they may be still be damaging their singing voice without even realizing it. So yes, it’s very true. Trying to to hit the high notes and really straining your voice can gradually damage your singing voice.learn how to sing online

If you are already practicing your singing without any type of training, you are risking your voice. Don’t worry too much, you can continue to sing, just don’t over do it and really strain your voice, not until you’ve learned how to sing properly. Figuring out how to learn to sing properly will mean you will have a great singing voice for life.



Am I Too Old to Learn How to Sing?

This question gets asked a lot and the simple answer is you’re never too old to learn how to sing! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

The only difference is the older you get, the more determined you should be and take your singing lessons more seriously.



Should I Take Professional Singing Lessons?

Professional singing lessons are fantastic if you can afford them! Plus you have to find a professional singing teacher in your area which can sometimes be impossible! Fortunately, there is an alternative in this day and age.. More and more upcoming stars are choosing to learn to sing with the aid of online singing programs.



How to Learn to Sing Online

There are a few choices if you want to learn to sing online. We’ve listed the top 3 online singing programs below and done a comparison. Although there are three choices there is only one real winner!


The three most popular online singing programs are: Singorama, Singing is Easy and Vocal Release.


First Choice


First Choice By Far is Singorama




Singorama is easily the best singing course you can get online or offline. If you really are serious about learning how to sing, then Singorama is the one for you.

It usually retails at $200 but occasionally it’s on sale for $99. Go to the Singorama website and check it out for your self. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to pick it up for $99 if not then it is still worth the full price.

Singorama is THE most popular way to learn how to sing and is way ahead of anything else out there.  Go to the Singorama website for more information.






Second Choice


Second Choice If You’re On a Budget is Easy Singing Lessons

Easy Singing Lessons


If you are on a budget and can’t afford the award-winning Singorama, then Singing is Easy can certainly help improve your singing voice. It’s not as in-depth and doesn’t include the extra bonuses that Singorama has but it’s still pretty good value for $30.

If you just want to try to learn to sing and it’s not really your ambition to win American Idol or The X-Factor then give it a go because for the price it’s not really a big investment. If on the other hand, you are serious about becoming a professional singer then invest in Singorama, it’s in a different league!

To get more information go to the Singing is Easy website







Third Choice


Last of All is Vocal Release


vocal release

With a price of $97, The Vocal Release singing program is a mid range choice for would be singers. The problem with Vocal Release though is that it  just isn’t suitable for beginners because some of the lessons are a little difficult to follow. Although it is still a pretty good choice as far as online singing lessons go, the actual lessons just don’t compare to the depth and detail of those offered in Singorama.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to pick Singorama up on the special $99 offer, then don’t even think about Vocal Release.

If you’re still interested in Vocal Release then you can go to the Vocal Release website to get more information.




The Best Choice For Learning to Sing

As you can see the only real choice is Singorama. It’s been the best selling online singing course for the last few years and with the newly updated version of Singorama 2.0 it’s just got even better. More people have chosen to learn how to sing with Singorama than with all the online singing course combined. That alone should tell you something!

While “Singing is Easy” is still a good budget option, the only reason not to choose Singorama is because you can’t afford it. But believe me, if you are  asking the question “How to Learn to Sing?” then the best possible answer is “with Singorama”.

how to learn to sing with singorama






Go to the Singorama website for more information. There really is no better option!



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