How to Get Started with Internet Faxing

Internet Faxing – FAQ

internet faxingIf you are looking for a faxing solution or already have a fax machine, you may wonder if switching to an internet fax service is easy and worth the time. The quick answer is YES! Online fax services offer plans for all budgets, it’s easy to use and faster compared to using a fax machine.

What if I already have a fax machine and fax number?

Nothing to worry about. The best internet fax service will allow you to keep your current fax number and use it with their online fax service. Services such as Nextiva offer a fax machine adapter so that you can continue using your fax machine with the online fax service as well.

Which online fax service should I use?

There are lots of online fax providers but it is best to take advantage of the providers that offer FREE 30 day trials. You can learn about the best services that offer free trials at internet fax reviews. Many of the best internet fax services offer these free trials and to be honest the only way to get a great review on a service is to try it out yourself for free. There are no hidden fees or risks, just enjoy 30 days of free online faxing.

How long does set up take?

Getting started is easy and it only takes minutes. There will be NO complicated set ups and ZERO set up fees. Everything is activated online which the whole process a lot faster. All you need is to have a computer that is connected to the world wide web! You do not need a land line, in fact you can start using an online fax service in just minutes.

What you get by using an online fax service:

There are numerous benefits when using an online fax service, even for the environment. Since online fax transmits your faxes via the internet, you consume less paper. Aside from saving money on paper and toner supplies, you also help save the environment because using less paper means more trees! Online fax is GREEN!

Many services also offer a free fax number with your account, this will always be free and there are no setup or maintenance fees with your internet fax number. You can choose from a local or toll free number or keep your current fax number if needed. Your account also comes with features such as fax alerts, cell phone fax apps, broadcast faxing and much more.

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