How to Easily Move a Storage Building On Your Own

Moving a Storage Building

There are different methods through which you can move a storage building. If you want to move it a long way, you may have to face more difficulties than moving the building somewhere in the yard. To move storage buildings you may need to use a crane to pick it up and move or you can move such constructions using rollers.  Nevertheless, the difficulty of shifting depends on the size of the building, type of construction, materials etc. There can be several reasons for moving the construction. But irrespective of the reason, it is not a difficult job if done following proper methods.

Here are the steps that you may follow to move storage shed without having much difficulties.

  • Locate the place – First of all, you need to locate the place on your property where the storage building will be shifted.
  • Decide on the route – Now determine the route along which the shed would travel. Eliminate any obstacles in the way, like debris, rocks or anything else which may disturb the moving process.
  • Place plywood – Place 2’ x 4’plywood or boards on ground if it is not paved. The boards should be positioned on first part of the path in front of the storage building, leading to the final destination.
  • Collect pipes – Collect some heavy duty PVC or metal pipes of 2” diameter. The pipes should be slightly longer than the shed’s width.
  • Lift the shed – Now lift the end of the storage with a strong and robust pry bar.
  • Have someone to help – Have a helper to place one pipe under the lifted part of the storage about 2” from the rim. Now place the plywood or boards under the pipe so that the piece of pipe can roll on the runners.
  • Lower the storage building – Now lower the storage shed so that it can rest on the pipe.
  • Move to other end – Now move to the other end and push the shed with the help of a pry bar to push the construction until it starts rolling on the pipe. You can also get help from a helper to push the shed.
  • Stop rolling – Now stop rolling of the storage before the piece of pipe is about 1/3rd of the total distance under it. The construction should make an angle with the leading edge a little higher than the edge being pushed.
  • Place another pipe – Now you place another pipe under the front edge of the storage shed and then start pushing it so that it starts rolling again.
  • Repeat the entire process – Repeat the procedure to move the pipes to the front of the storage shed as the pipes come to the back, keeping 2 pieces of pipes under the storage building and moving the third piece of pipe. If it rolls on the boards, you need to add runners or ply. Keep moving the storage until it reaches new location.

Mentioned above are the steps you may need to follow for moving storage buildings. However, if the shed is very big in size or heavy that you can’t move it manually, you may hire a crane along with a crane operator.

Author’s Bio – Sam Payn has many write-ups on animal housing and storage. Her storage buildings related blogs are very popular amongst the pet owners.