How To Cook A Turkey Correctly

How To Cook A Turkey

cooked turkeyCook books are filled with menu’s teaching others how to cook a turkey. Cooking shows on television show its viewers what a turkey fryer looks like in case they want to cook it for a special thanksgiving dinner. There are many other foods that go with a turkey dinner for thanksgiving or at any time of the year. One of the all-time favorites is chilled cranberry sauce along with sweet potato pie. Not everyone knows how to cook a turkey. This is because everyone has their favorite way to cook it. The best way is to bake it in the oven for many hours depending upon the size of the turkey. A turkey fryer is different.

One of the ways to cook a turkey is inside a well heated stove. Set it at a medium hot oven, cover it with aluminum foil or a bag. For the last hour or so, remove the bag and place it back to bake. The result will be a delicious tasting, juicy and not dry, bird for Thanksgiving. A turkey fryer can be cooked outdoors in an upside down enclosure.

Many add stuffing to the inside cavity of a turkey and allow it to cook until it is ready. Some would rather bake the stuffing in a pan outside of the turkey cavity. The method used to cook the stuffing is entirely up to the cook. Using a ceramic dish to use from the stove to the table also is a way to cook the stuffing outside of the bird.

Some cooks like to buy and use a meat thermometer inserted between the breast and leg before putting the turkey in the oven to roast. Using a timer will time the turkey and let you know when it is ready to be removed from the oven and cool.

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