How to Build a Magnetic Generator

Build a Magnetic Power Generator

Magnetic energy is really becoming quite a talking point lately. There is so much confusion and misinformation about magnetic generators that it’s quite difficult to know what to believe! If you want to know how to build a magnetic energy generator then you’re about to learn the facts!

First of all, there are so many people out there saying that magnetic generators don’t work, perpetual energy is a myth and it’s impossible to generate energy by using one. Hmmm, I would guess that a lot of people would have also have said things like “producing energy from sunshine is impossible” and “solar power is a myth”!

In their defence, they are correct to some extent (about magnetic generators not solar power!) when they say perpetual energy is a myth. It IS impossible to build a magnetic generator in your home that will just produce energy and continue producing it forever. The thing is though, this isn’t what home magnetic generators are all about.

The Magniwork magnetic generator, which is the only that actually works and is the one everybody is buying the plans for, actually requires a car battery to start the device running and to keep it running. This is no secret and you can actually see it on their website.

You may think this is cheating, but the Tesla magnetic generator actually produces A LOT MORE electricity than it consumes which means free electricity! It’s like making a machine that produces free money. Even if have to put $1 in for it to produce $10, it’s still producing free money!!

So how do you build a magnetic power generator? First of all you’re going to have buy the plans. If you think you can find some free plans then you’re gonna waste a whole lot of time and money building something that won’t work! Like I said, the only magnetic generator plans that I know work for sure are the ones by Magniwork. I can’t remember how much they cost but I do know that they’re not much compared to how much money you can save on electricity bills.

Even though it actually requires a car battery to function properly, it can produce enough energy to power your whole home if you build it big enough!

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