How Long do New Body Piercings Take to Heal?

What to Expect if You Are Thinking of Getting a Body Piercing

If you are planning on getting a new body piercing, you’re probably going to be pretty anxious to start collection a group of belly button rings or plastic tongue rings to try out. However, you need to prepare yourself for a pretty lengthy healing process, most likely anywhere from four months to a year, depending on any potential infections you may get. Here’s a guide to what to expect, and how to heal as fast as possible.

Once you have gotten your new piercing from a licensed, professional piercer using sterile equipment, they will put a placeholder piece in it. This piece is a non-allergenic piece that is designed to promote healing and prevent infection, and is also as light as it can be to avoid any stress on your skin. This piece will need to stay in for about four months, to give the piercing plenty of time to heal itself. During this time you will be told to keep a close eye out for any signs of infection and to call the doctor right away if you see any swelling in the area, or it becomes tender to the touch, or pus starts to appear.

Once the piercing has stopped hurting and seems to be completely healed, you can go back to the piercer to have it removed and to get a real piece of jewelry put in. They usually start with something extremely non-allergenic, like stainless steel, just to make sure the hole won’t react to a new material. You will be encouraged to give it a week or two to make sure there are no further problems, and if not, you are good to go!

Tongue rings and belly button rings are a great addition to anyone’s style, but don’t be too anxious – you need to give your body time to heal from the procedure.

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