Horse Show Competition: Learn What it Takes to Win

Winning Competitive Horse Shows

competitive horse showsParticipants in a horse show competition need to understand the main rule of competitive horse shows. There is only one important item that the judges are considering and that is IMPRESSION. It is vitally important for no detail to be overlooked in performance or turnout. Not only does the horse need to be schooled and groomed to perfection, but also the presenter must look like a winner!

When competing, always remember that the equipment used must satisfy the rules of the association or club. Each horse competition has its own set of rules. It is pertinent to become familiar with the rulebook. Losing a competition because of a rule change is not smart.

It is wise for participants to look their best. Wise planning for a good horse show wardrobe will not only help to make a good IMPRESSION, but also will give the rider extra confidence. A set wardrobe also helps to save preparation time and aggravation before competitions.

Fortunately, it does not require a large bank account to make a great wardrobe for horse show competition. The key is careful planning and quality clothing items that will last. It is best to spend money in items that the judges see in the ring. Save money somewhere less visible, such as a cheaper hotel when traveling to competitions. Buying a truck for utility purposes that just pulls a horse trailer is better than creating a caravan for attention. The competition is judged in the pen, not the parking lot.

A beginning rider who has no wardrobe needs to budget an initial $1,000. This money is for chaps, hat, a competition blanket, and assorted clothes.

This would all add up to a quality western wardrobe that is suitable for showing competitively at local and regional level horseshow competitions. Quality basics will last a long time. They also have an excellent resale value. Think of good horseshow clothing is not an expense but an investment success.

It is important to choose colors that highlight your horse. There is a definite importance to role of color in the ring. The rider should look unique, but at the same time flatter the horse. This can be difficult when there are 20 other horses of the same breed in the ring. It is good to keep in mind that the horse is the star of the show. Still, the rider should wear something that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

Many riders have several horses to ride. Sometimes, there are last minute decisions on who is showing horses in certain families. If there is uncertainty regarding the horse color, a versatile blue or green color range may be best. Whether the rider wears pale mint or a deep forest green, green hues look excellent with almost any color of horse. These colors also show well at a distance in the horseshow competition ring.

When competing at a horse show, it is ideal for the rider to take the time to look his or her best. Horse competition judges care about skills, but remember, looking good may take it to the next level.

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