Home Remedies for Acne

Treat Your Acne at Home

acneThere are several effective treatments for acne, some more effective than others, and the are probably all good to try before moving on to more desperate measures like prescription medication. Some of the more effective home remedies for pimples include tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, and apple cider vinegar.

Tea tree oil is an essential (meaning “essence”, or “scent”) oil that comes from a shrub native to Australia known as the tea tree. Although toxic if taken internally, it is known to be effective in fighting acne when applied to the skin. In test cases, it was about as effective as benzoyl peroxide. This is one of the more effective natural remedies for acne available, among the cloud of overhyped claims of many supplements.

Benzoyl peroxide is probably the most popular over-the-counter topical medication for acne. It is effective and many people rave about the results, but it must be used on a regular basis. One of the more common methods of treatment is a twice daily face washing followed by application of benzoyl peroxide. Side effects are not common, but can include an increased sensitivity to the medication resulting in irritated skin.

Another natural treatment is to dilute some apple cider vinegar in water, and dab it on your face daily. Cider vinegar is one of the most acidic vinegars available, and regular application of it can increase the acidity of your face, making it difficult for acne-causing bacteria to survive. This type of bacteria requires a more alkaline (the opposite of acidic) face.

Each different treatment will work for some and not others. This is partially because of the many different causes of acne, in addition to the different hormonal and genetic profiles of acne patients. Prescription drugs can often be the last line of hope for some people, but others have had great success with these easy and inexpensive home methods.

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