Home Made Popcorn

Making Popcorn at Home Has Never Been Easier

home popcorn makerNowadays, there are home popcorn machines available which makes popcorn more convenient. The original way to make popcorn at home is by a stove top popcorn maker in which you can use a regular kettle or pot to make popcorn. Making popcorn with this method would require one to be vigilant to avoid burning your popcorn. You also need to constantly shake it to make sure that all the corn kernels have enough heat to pop.

The original way to cook takes a lot of effort compared to using popcorn machines.
Microwave popcorn is also very convenient way to make popcorn because all one need to do is put the bag in the microwave and wait for it to pop. It is very convenient but compared to popcorn machines that uses hot air to pop the kernels it is not healthy way to eat popcorn.

Most microwave popcorn have oils in their product that would aid the popping.
Home made popcorn machines such as the one that uses hot air is getting popular these days. It can make popcorn with the use of hot air which means it’s healthier and there is a more even distribution of heat. Using oil or butter to make popcorn is not healthy as well as adding salt. With the use of hot air machines there is no need to use oil and butter to cook that is why it is the ideal way to make healthy popcorn.

These popcorn machines are also small enough to put on your kitchen countertops. It is a great addition to your kitchen equipment especially if you love to eat popcorn at home.
Another great advantage of making homemade popcorn is that you can be sure its fresh and you can also control the quality of the popcorn. You can also make a bowl of popcorn whenever you or your family wishes to eat popcorn as a snack. Raw kernels are not even expensive so popcorn is not only delicious, healthy but is also a non-expensive snacks.

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