Holiday Villas Make Sense

Take Advantage of a Holiday Villa on Your Next Vacation

If you’re a smart traveler, you probably leave overpriced and under-delivering hotels behind when you travel for pleasure.  Savvy travelers take advantage of travel industry niche bargains to get more vacation enjoyment out of less money, and to circumvent the headaches, hassles, and hard times that many inexperienced vacationers put up with.  After all, you’re on your vacation to have fun, and life is short.  You want to maximize fun and minimize hassle and expense.

The first and best way to ensure great vacation value is to become a Vacation Wellness member.  A few companies offer this program to help businesses reduce their employee healthcare and turnover expenses through employee vacations.  The program works like this:  staff members log on to their website, pick a professionally-planned vacation package, click, and order.  The planning is taken care of for them, and they save up to 70% on four-star and five-star vacation deals.  It’s a great way to travel.  Most trips are even hosted by an on-site travel agent to help with last-second trip details.

One of the greatest sources of discounts in the Vacation Wellness program genre is through discounted holiday villas.  Rather than spending hard-earned paycheck for mediocre hotel rooms at exorbitant resort prices, you can find spacious and luxurious holiday villas – often for significantly less than the cost of a hotel room.  In a recent example, a family stayed for a week in Florida in a three-bedroom poolside villa for the price of one hotel room for two nights.  The discounts can be outrageous.

If you don’t take advantage of a pre-planned vacation option, it’s imperative to be sure you’re booking your a2b transfers in advance of your departure date.  A2b transfers just describe that portion of your travel between the airport and your final destination.  If you wait until the day of your travel, you’re sure to get soaked by exorbitant prices.

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