Hobie Oasis Mirage Kayak Review

The Allure of a Hobie Oasis Mirage Kayak!

If you purchase the Hobie Mirage Oasis, you will be getting a lightweight, narrow and long kayak that comes with numerous performance-minded qualities. It has excellent hull speed with quick acceleration. However, you will still have a great hauling capacity.

The Hobie Oasis has a good amount of storage space for food, gear, and other things that you would need for a great day on the water. This space has three 8′ Twist and Seal hatches, deck rigging on the stern, two stowage spaces that are covered with mesh, and a gear bucket. The quality features are only a small part of its appeal.

You will experience much comfort with the high back padded seats that are adjustable and have inflatable lumbar support for ultimate comfort while you are out kayaking. There is also a sail mount on the Mirage Oasis. This is a feature that makes for a flexible transition to sailing.

There is even the option to fish in the Oasis Mirage. This kayak features two molded-in rod holders. This is perfect for you to be able to set your rod down and relax while waiting for the fish.

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The following are product features of the Oasis Kayak:

  • Twist and Stow Rudder
  • Three 8′ Twist and Seal Hatches and Gear Bucket
  • Two Mirage Drive
  • Two-Piece Paddles
  • Sail Mount
  • On-Hull Storage Space

The Hobie Oasis Kayak has a great performance record. I even have taken it in the Gulf when the water was calm, by myself. I used the standard fins in order to move many miles at a leisurely pace.

The tide was moving out when I arrived at the pass between two keys. Most of the time, kayaks are not meant for such turbulent water as what was coursing through this area. I managed to push through it without much of a problem, although I was moving only inches at a time because of the strong current.

The Hobie Oasis Sale on Amazon is the best price for this kayak anywhere on the Internet.

With this kayak, your hands are free for fishing. It features the ability for you to steer with a little lever and drive using your feet. This way, you can use both of  your hands for your reels and gear. This is something that you obviously cannot do with a paddle kayak. This is a premium kayak with a high quality construction.

This open-water craft performs well, even in surf that would make a sit-in paddle kayak driver nervous. It is fast and efficient for many purposes. Be sure to research any Hobie Mirage Oasis Review, and you may find your perfect kayak. Hopefully, you can find a hobie oasis for sale.

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