Hip Bags for Women Are a Must Have Fashion Accessory

Have You Got a Hip Bag?

hip bag for womenIf you’re a woman used to carrying around a bulky purse on your shoulder or arm, you’ll welcome the new craze in fashion accessories. Hip bags for women take the place of the old-fashioned fanny pack; it’s a new, chic version that leaves your hands free for other things.

Hip bags for women aren’t only popular because they’re great fashion accessories. Here are some reasons many women cite for loving a waist hip bag:

• Makes traveling a breeze – and no more fear of having your passport, identification and valuables snatched while in unfamiliar places.
Hip bags for women can be found in so many shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics and go with any outfit.
• Leaves hands free for shopping. They’re lightweight and can be worn over the shoulder, around the waist with the matching belt or clipped onto belt loops.
•  Hip bags make cell phones easily accessible. There’s a special compartment next to your hip for a cell phone, so you can feel it vibrate even when it doesn’t ring.
• You’re not tempted to throw junk into a hip bag like a large handbag.
• They’re great for walks or any type of sports. It carries anything you might need at a moment’s notice.
• All essentials are organized in zippered compartments and pouches and immediately reachable.
• The new, designer hip bags are great accessories for casual, dressy or evening outfits.
• Busy moms don’t have to put their handbags down to care for the kids. Hip bags for women leave your hands free.
• Teens love hip bags because they don’t have to pack essentials in a backpack anymore.

You’ll see all sizes, colors and shapes of waist hip bags on runways and in fashion magazines all over the world. The Burn Notice hip bag has become extremely popular since the character, Fiona Glenanne, began wearing it in the hit new television series.

Now, it’s fashionable – and functional — to wear one. Most women agree that the convenience of hip bags is practical and provides a sense of freedom, but some have been unwilling to wear one because they remember the fashion stigma attached to the old ‘fanny packs.’

Hip bags are no longer made from the neon, nylon of years ago. Now, you’ll find hip bags for women in faux leather, velveteen and other materials that are soft, pliable and lightweight, giving you the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

Our busy lives no longer support the need to carry around heavy (and expensive) handbags. Most of us are simplifying our lives by downsizing and organizing, and hip bags are the best way for you to make your personal life simpler.

Search for hip bags for women online at http://www.hipzbag.com/ for a complete picture of styles, fabrics and prices. You’re sure to find one – or more – that will catch your eye.

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