High Cholesterol Foods in Your Everyday Diet

Do You Know How to Spot High Cholesterol?

burgersA lot of people don’t even begin to think about cholesterol unless their doctor warns them of high levels. It’s the type of problem that young people ignore while older people regret not doing something about it sooner. Cholesterol is a natural part of your system and it’s only really a problem when you raise levels artificially through your diet. This is why you have to be careful about what you eat on a daily basis because it can definitely add up. The good news is you don’t have to become a vegetarian or start eating rice cakes as a substitution to high cholesterol foods. There are many options that will allow you to continue enjoying delicious foods while lowering your levels as well. But the first step is to know what types of foods lead to problems in the first place and here are some of the most common:

High Fat Dairy – it’s true that milk does a body good but you really have to be careful about dairy in general. Things like butter, ice cream, or high-fat milk can build up in your system and eventually clog your arteries. You also have to be extra careful because a lot of these things are components in other foods. For example, take a look at what goes into your favorite cake recipe and you’ll see how many of these things it takes to make one.

Saturated Fats – these are the types of fats they’re usually associated with animal products in some way. They are found in processed animal meats such as sausages and sandwich meats. It’s probably not a good idea to be eating these things anyways since they can also be loaded in nitrates and excess of calories as well. Be careful when it comes to pure meat as well because sometimes you just eating fat directly from the animal.

Trans Fat – this is a big problem area for many people if you are conscious about making healthy choices. Trans fats not only lower the amount of good cholesterol in your system, they also boost bad levels at an incredible rate. These are the types of foods associated with oil and deep frying, and you can bet if you’re eating fast food then you’re also getting trans fats. The main problem with this category is that these foods can be very delicious and hard to resist. But with the proper eating plan you don’t have to eliminate them completely, you just have to use your best discretion so that you can enjoy a tree from time to time while lowering overall cholesterol levels.

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