Help Catching Cheating Spouses

Could Your Spouse Be Cheating on You?

cheating spouseOprah’s website states that one in 2.7 spouses will cheat, and most husbands or wives will never know. This article aims to teach you some methods on how to catch a cheating spouse. While you are learning how to catch a spouse cheating, it’s important to fight the urge to immediately confront them about their affairs. Baseless accusations will lead to stressful fights that don’t do anything but stress you out. Wait until you can finally prove they are disloyal, then confront them. A cheater who knows they are being watched will never get caught.

Catch Them Cheating With These Methods :

1. Are you tired of getting that same old “overtime” excuse every night they come home late? To disprove this lie, take a daily record of their mileage, and possibly keep track of the amount of money they spend on gas. Compare days when they say they are having overtime and days where they don’t. It should show you an increase in mileage for days that they claim to worked overtime. If they really worked overtime there should be the same amount of miles traveled. Also you should notice a significant pay increase.

2. Catch your spouse cheating online by installing a keylogger, or if you know their social sites that they frequent, create a fake profile. Fake profiles are a great way into baiting a cheater into having an affair, or getting into a sexual conversation. Be sure to create a profile they your spouse would find attractive and then slowly interact with them. Get their emails, and if/when they are willing, their phone numbers. Interact with them enough that they will gain confidence and possibly want to meet you. This method works great if you can have a friend help you out with some phone conversations.

3. This is a method that works very well against cheating spouses who have secret phone conversations. If you know which part of the house they are having phone conversations away from you, you can buy a cheap digital voice recorder with automatic voice recording. Other places to hide a voice recorder is under a car seat, inside the bathroom, and in your bedroom while you are away from home.

Want more detailed ways to catch a cheating spouse? See the link above.

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