Hello Kitty Luggage For Travelers

Are You Looking for Hello Kitty Luggage?

hello kittyTraveling can be a serious business, but the young, or the young at heart, may want to brighten things up with their own Hello Kitty luggage. Hello Kitty is loved internationally for her cuteness, and this is reflected in the numbers: licensing agreements for our favorite cat earn billions of dollars a year. From dolls to toasters to theme parks, we see her everywhere. For the fan and frequent traveler, having her on their suitcases is a prime way to brighten your traveling experience and let everyone know how much you love her.

The set of Hello Kitty Carry On Luggage is available online for around one-hundred and seventy-five dollars. The cheerful face of the Kitty herself takes up a corner of the front of the largest bag, which has a background pattern of smaller versions of it. Weighing around fourteen pounds, it can be lived and carried as well as rolled with its retractable handle and wheels.

A much cheaper alternative is the Black HK Rolling Backpack. A full size Kitty w/Tulip Wheeled Backpack, this suitcase also rolls, and is well-suited for small children. At only thirty-five dollars, it’s an excellent deal, especially considering the beating that luggage and other traveling accessories get while moving from place to place. The double-zippered main compartment expands to contain more items, and in addition is equipped with two smaller compartments for tiny items and toiletries. For travelers who want to bring their refreshments with them, there are also side-pockets for beverages and water bottles.  Last but not least, the adjustable shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort. This is especially important if you take into account how easily children tire, long trips only exacerbating fatigue.

Global travelers need a global brand name. Hello Kitty suitcases are cute and functional. Why not express yourself while traveling at the same time?

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