Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Lose Weight with Greek Yogurt

greek yogurtHave you been looking to drop some weight? Maybe you are just looking for a new approach on how to be healthier. You might just be trying to improve your diet or maintain the weight loss you have already achieved. Maybe you just can’t or won’t eat animal protein, and if that is the case, then greek yogurt is just the thing for you! The benefits of greek yogurt are many but the principle health benefit is that fact that it can be a lean and fat free source of high quality protein, calcium, and probiotics, and at a much higher level then traditonal styles of yogurt as well.

Greek yogurt has become one of my favorite foods, even compared to other varieties of yogurt, because you can get all the richness, creaminess, and thickness of a full fat yogurt without any of the guilt because you can get non fat varieties that taste just like full fat yogurt! They do however make low fat and full fat varieties of Greek yogurt as well, but I tend to stay away from them because they offer no extra benefits, and can even have more fat than full fat traditional yogurt styles. So you will definitely want to stick with the non fat varieties, which are fairly common in most grocery stores.

Another primary benefit to eating this particular style of yogurt over some of the more traditional European varieties is the fact it has much more protein than your average yogurt, by as much as 50% or more. That is important because traditional yogurt usually has about 8 to 9 grams per serving, whereas Greek yogurt can have up to 20 grams or more which is a significant increase in this vital nutrient. It also make this particular type of food an effective component in meal replacement smoothies and shakes, and it also allows you to get a beneficial level of protein without having to consume extra amounts of meat.

I also find that it makes for a healthy alternative to other types of dairy products as well which are also known for being loaded with fat and cholesterol, namely butter, cream, and mayonnaise just to name a few. I also happen to prefer the taste of this particular type of yogurt as well, as it tends to be a lot more tangy as a result of the reduced amount of sugar and lactose, which also makes the yogurt much more digestible for regular folks and lactose intolerant people too.

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