Handicapped Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories for The Handicapped

handicappedFor an individual with infirmities, the bathroom is one place where having access to the right types of facilities is not just desirable, but absolutely essential. Particularly, wheelchair users require a bathroom that is specially designed for their needs including a larger than usual floor-space for trouble-free mobility around the room and for getting easy access to all of the facilities.

You can find a whole variety of items related to handicapped bathrooms like showers, bathtubs, lift-chairs, shower chairs, and even waterproof cup holders, right at your local pharmacy. Additionally, you can also browse online for a fine selection of all these handicapped bathroom devices and wheelchair accessories.

Is it difficult for your loved one to use the toilet seat? Generally toilet seat, or lavatory stools, lower than 17 inches are difficult to use by handicapped individuals especially when they need to sit down and then get up. In such a case, ask your pharmacist to boost the stool height. Handrails can also be fitted to make it easier. Some handrails can be transported and also removed when not in use.

Bath time can be taxing for those who cannot raise themselves up and down or step high to get into the bathtub. A lift chair will be highly useful in this case. Lift chairs come in models fitted with electric motors or the hand (pendant) controls or both. Just sit on the lift chair and push a button; it will carry the person up and into the water.

Bath chairs or shower chairs are also useful especially for individuals who can’t stand long enough to bathe. A few of the shower chairs have holes in the seat for the water to run through while some have arms for a firm grip. Some bath chair models can be fitted with wheels in order to assist individuals to easily move in and out of the shower with no assistance.

Another useful gadget to have in the bathroom is a walk-in bathtub. These are available in various sizes as per your needs like small walk-in models, stand-in models and also giant wheelchair accessible models. The wheelchair accessible model allows the person to make safe transfers onto the seat with even moderate upper body strength.

These are just a few accessories that can make the lives of those disabled more accessible, livable and enjoyable. Thanks to innovations and advancements in technology, it is now a lot easier to choose and get the right bathroom accessories for all those in need.

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