Constructing The Ideal Bird House

Every Garden to Should Have a Bird House

bird houseConstructing the ideal bird house is not really a complicated task to achieve. You just need to follow proper guidelines and you must have the basic skills in Carpentry. These guidelines that you are about to follow will result to building a durable bird house that is able to resist bad weather and bad predators.

In building the ideal bird house, you have to make sure you are using the right materials. Wood is the most recommended material to use in constructing bird houses, because they are affordable and durable. Cedar is the best the example that you can use to build a bird house, because it is known to be long-lasting and resistant to pests. If Cedar is not available, you may choose from other types like Redwood but do not use pressure treated wood, because they are toxic to birds. Last thing you should consider in choosing materials, is choosing the right paint. Make sure you are using paint that does not contain lead.

The next guideline that you should consider is the proper way of constructing a bird house. First, make sure the roof is slanted and long enough to cover the entrance hole to prevent the birds from getting wet. Second, make sure to drill ventilation holes on the sides of the bird house to allow heat to escape. Lastly, do not put a perch on your bird house, it is really not needed and it also attract predators.

Here are some additional points that should also keep in mind. First, use plain screws so you can easily uninstall the bird house in the future. Second, hang your bird house on a bird feeder pole and place near a water source such as a solar powered bird bath so the bird can easily get drinks of water. These are the easy guidelines that you will need to remember in building your ideal bird house.

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