Great 50th and 60th Birthday Celebrations

Ideas For Birthday Celebrations

50th birthdayWhen the time comes to celebrate a milestone birthday such as 50 or 60, you want to do the party right. But, what’s a good way to keep the party on track and make sure everyone has a good time? Base the party around a theme. Themes allow you to plan out decorations, games, and even gifts easily.

Base the theme around the guest of honor’s favorite hobby. For instance, if they like golf, see if you can have the party on the golf course, or a mini golf outing. If the guest of honor thinks mini golf is silly, then remind them of the movie Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler; tell them they are practicing their putting on the mini golf course. Mini golf is also more fun for those guests who aren’t golfers. Or, you could set up a putting green in the room. Get everyone involved by offering prizes for the best score. A bottle of wine, or small denomination gift cards – $5, $10, $15 – make great prizes.

And, the same kind of prizes can be awarded for darts tournaments, shooting pool, or target shooting with Nerf guns.

For the person who likes classic cars, see if you can time the birthday party with a car show in town. If not, then see if you can find someone to loan a classic car for the day to park outside for ambiance. For decorations, make each table themed with a particular car manufacturer. Include cards for every guest with trivia questions about cars. Either include the answers on the back as keepsakes, or have guests guess the answers and award prizes to the person who answered the most questions correctly.

Golf and cars are usually enjoyed by more men than women. So, not the leave the women out, if the guest of honor likes scrapbooking, then work scrapbooking into the theme. Plan to create a giant scrapbook page at the party that everyone can contribute to. Ask guests to bring their favorite picture or quote and assemble them at the party. Alternatively, collect pictures ahead of time, and create the scrapbook page, then have everyone sign it at the party. The “page” can be as simple as a piece of tag board embellished with flat decorations, or even bulletin board decorations. If you would like to spend a little more money, then check out sales at your local craft store for “official” scrapbook embellishments.

At first, you may be stumped for good 50th birthday party ideas, or 60th birthday ideas. But, with a little creativity, and a hobby based theme, you will have a fun, memorable party.

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