G&G G96 Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle

G&G G96 Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Is It The Right Rifle For You?

G&G G96 Gas Airsoft Sniper RifleIf you’re looking for the latest and newest airsoft sniper rifles, you can check out a lot of new products from the different airsoft online shops.  However, there aren’t many featuring the best airsoft revolvers, a lot of these online shops have airsoft sniper rifles available.

The G&G G96 Sniper Rifle is one of the new products in one of the airsoft online shops.  It has a total length of 1150mm, with a weight of 3890g.  For airsoft warfare and competitions, this would be suited and best because it can handle up to 15 rounds of magazine and has a fire power of 150-160 FPS using 0.2g BBs.  It has an inner barrel with a length of 655mm.  It is a gas type of sniper rifle however it can handle up to 12kg/cm2 gas.  This however has been a sniper rifle released on a limited edition basis.  It has cool features and has been priced at $329 for some airsoft online shops.  It may be priced lower in some though.

This airsoft sniper rifle has advantages and nice features that you would like to have one for yourself.  Among these features are:

Accuracy of shooting—most airsoft customers who purchased and used this rifle said that it has a very accurate shooting

Lightweight—even if the rifle is made of metal, it is not heavy and thus, you wouldn’t have any problem with mobility when you’re in an airsoft warfare or game

High FPS—the rifle has high FPS or velocity compared with other airsoft sniper rifles.  One of the airsoft fanatics even mentioned that the normal FPS of 150-160 can be increased if you use 0.36g BBs.

Easy to use hop up—hop ups are normal for every airsoft rifle as this gives you advantage for windage and elevation.

Easy to find accessories / parts—most of the airsoft rifle reviews online would normally give a high rating for rifles and pistols that have readily accessible parts.  I guess it is always the aftermarket sales that matters for airsoft, as like with any other equipment, i.e. cars, fans, etc.

There is only one common complain however for this airsoft sniper rifle which is that the bolt gets sticky or stiff at some point.

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