Getting Ready For Hurricane Season

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

hurricaneThis article is a guide for getting ready for hurricane season. Getting ready ahead of time will allow you and your family the most options, allow you to make the best decisions, and minimize damage to your house. The most important things you can do happen long before hurricane season ever hits.

Here’s a checklist for getting ready for hurricane season:

Have a family communication plan in place. Make sure every member knows how to reach every other member. Also make sure every member knows how to reach an agreed upon out of area contact.

Have a place you can stay at should you need to evacuate. Make plans with out of the area friends and family to allow each others families to stay there for a while in the case of a natural disaster. This will allow you to evacuate quickly, as you’ll know where you are going.

Put together a 72 hour emergency kit to supply you and your family with essential items.

Have a box to store all your important documents in. Have you passport, birth certificates, marriage certificates, house titles, insurance information, etc. The things that will help you start over should you lose everything. Consider scanning family photos, and storing them on an external hard drive in the box as well.

Know the elevation of your region. Know of any dams or levees close by. Is your area prone to flooding?

Know community evacuation routes, and how to reach higher ground.

Know how to turn off your power and gas, as you’ll need to do this if the weather gets really bad.

Purchase flood insurance in the off-season, as it will be extremely expensive during hurricane season.

Have an evacuation action plan and a staying put action plan. Your evacuation plan should include your escape routes, somewhere out of the area you can stay, and an emergency kit to keep you supplies. Your staying plan should include securing your doors and windows, having at least seven days of food and water, and possibly having a backup power supply (ie a gas powered generator).

Taking the time to prepare now will allow you and your family to get through hurricane season is relative comfort and safety. Often the biggest mistakes made in this area are the actions you DON’T take ahead of time. Don’t make that mistake, get ready now.

Good luck and stay prepared!

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