Getting Indoor Rabbit Cages Second Hand

Rabbit Cages – Get the Right Size

rabbit cageMost pet owners, myself included, would usually start their hunt for pets and all sorts of pet accessories in a pet shop. You can typically buy fish, reptiles, exotic pet supplies, bird seed and of course even birds. Sometimes in specialized stores you can find exotic african grey parrots for sale but usually they are only available from breeders. Many people though will be looking for rabbits and rabbit cages as they are currently one of the most popular pets.

If you already own a pet such as a rabbit, you are going to need a large cage for him. I say large because many first-timers make the mistake of getting something too small and then buy a larger cage in the future. Good indoor rabbit cages should allow your bunny to move around and play whenever he or she feels like it.

I would suggest a cage size of approximately 3 times the size of the rabbit. Another important aspect is the convenience and smell absorption. How well does the product fare? You may have already noticed that high quality products are not cheap and so you might be considering getting an indoor cage from another pet owner second hand. The good part is that oftentimes you get a number of additional accessories with a pre-owned rabbit cage that the previous owner has paid handsomely for. Those expenses for little things like wheels or burrows within the cage quickly add up.

But what about the condition or the hygiene? A responsible pet owner probably doesn’t want you to buy a cage that is completely broken or dirty. Cleaning is an easy job. With a mild detergent and a sponge your second hand cage can be made to look brand new. If you are still hesitating, ask yourself why there is such a huge market for pre-owned cars. If they were no good, nobody would want them. The same goes for rabbit cages in my opinion.

Your first stop should be on eBay where you will find the largest selection of almost anything. If you can, try to locate someone nearby whom you can visit. I personally like to buy from people I know.

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