Garden Tool Racks Explained

Keep Your Tools in Order With a Garden Tool Rack

garden tool rackSpending hours looking for your hoe or cultivator is never a good way to start a day in the garden. You want to be able to get out there and get started before the heat of the day begins. You cannot accomplish that if you are stuck searching for your tools. That is why you need a garden tool rack. They are designed to keep all your tools in a neat and organized space. The easier it is to get out in the garden, the faster you will be finished.

Tools should be put away once they are used, but the lack of a designated place to put tools away often leads to them being left outside or strewn about the garage. A garden tool rack will solve that problem. It provides and easily accessible area for you to place your tools. This is why they make wonderful gifts for gardeners.

Metal, plastic, or wood? What material the tool rack is composed of is up to the individual. Each is adequate. Garden tool racks come in two configurations. The first being the wall mounted version and the second being the freestanding version. Each gardener has their own way of doing things.  That’s why there are tons of books titled “vegetable gardening for beginners”. Pick the one that suits you. You can’t go wrong.


The first type of garden rack is the freestanding rack. It is just that. It is a garden rack that require no external mounts. It is normally composed of a top and bottom piece that contain a variety of holes and slots for your various tools. These two pieces are connected by hollow poles. The freestanding rack is normally place along a wall but it also comes in a corner version for those with less space.


If space is at a premium a wall mounted rack might be the option for you. You can customize your tool rack to suit your needs with plethora of clamps, braces, and hooks. Because they are assembled piecemeal they are a bit more expensive than a freestanding rack and they are also not movable for obvious reasons.

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