Fun Activity Ideas For Kids

Ideas For Keeping Your Kids Entertained

kidsSpring is almost here, and with the season comes sunshine, flowers, and time to play outdoors.  With the kids wanting to spend more time outside, why not make a list of some spring time activities for them.  You could even take these activities, write each of them on a piece of paper, and put them in a jar.  Each time they have some free time, you can draw out an activity to complete.  The kids will love it and it will create many fun, fond family memories.  Here is a list to get you started, but be sure to add your own too!

  • take a dip in the swimming pool to cool down from the springtime sun
  • ride bikes outside together, or roller blade around the park
  • play basketball, soccer, football, or tennis outdoors
  • have a fight with the hoses or run through the sprinklers
  • plan a family vacation for when summer gets here
  • start a journal and write about the memories you are creating with your family
  • have their spring photos taken and create some family keepsakes with children’s photography phoenix
  • play boardgames together as a family
  • fix a lunch meal together and teach them how to set the table
  • dress up and put on a show for the rest of the family, or for their friends
  • play with some sidewalk chalk
  • make a creation out of play dough
  • finger paint, draw, water color, or create another arts and crafts project
  • have a mesa az photographer teach your children how to take some creative photos
  • go to the movies, or set the television up to watch a movie in the backyard
  • head to the library and check out some great books to read
  • go on a family hike or nature walk
  • start a collection of rocks, coins, leaves, or something else that interests the children
  • do a service project for some neighbors
  • create a lemonade stand
  • complete a spring cleaning project
  • make up a song or story together
  • create a hopscotch with duct tape on the sidewalk and see how can do it the fastest
  • drive around the town and explore new parts of the city you live in
  • write thank you notes or letters to people you love
  • play a game online or on the computer
  • see if you can catch any bugs outside
  • use a flash light and your hands to create funny puppet shows
  • tell each other jokes and see who laughs the first

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