Friday the 13th Mask

Friday The 13th Halloween Mask – Perfect for Halloween

friday the 13th maskOne of the all time great Horror movie franchises is Friday the 13th. The main character, Jason Voorhees who wears one of the most infamous masks of all time really does terrify his victims. It’s no wonder that the Friday the 13th Mask or Jason Voorhees mask as it’s sometimes known is so popular at Halloween time.

As far as scary Halloween masks are concerned, the Friday the 13th mask is definitely in the top 5 scariest Halloween masks of all time.

Friday the 13th Halloween Mask and Costume

The Jason Hockey Jersey with the Friday the 13th Mask set includes a red and black hockey jersey and classic Jason EVA hockey mask. The jersey sports several Jason mask logos, the number 13, and the name “Voorhees.” This is an officially licensed Jason™ and Friday The 13th™ product.

Jason’s Machete

If the Friday the 13th Mask isn’t enough, then compliment it with this twenty-six inch deluxe blow molded machete, splattered with fake blood. A must have to complete your Jason Halloween costume.

Friday the 13th Halloween Costume

This Friday the 13th Halloween costume includes EVA soft rubber hockey mask, and a jacket with false shirt. Available in Adult Sizes: Standard (up to a size 38-42) and X-Large (size 46-48). Machete sold separately.

Sexy Miss Voorhees Costume

Of course for the ladies there is the sexy Friday 13th Halloween costume. Go to the party as Miss Voorhees. Beautiful and scary at the same time!

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