Five Fun 21st Birthday Ideas For Your Boyfriend

There’s Nothing Better Than a 21st Birthday

21st BirthdayFinding great birthday present ideas for your boyfriend can be tricky, especially when you need to pick one for a milestone birthday but to help you choose a gift for him to remember we have compiled some of the best 21st birthday ideas for you to choose from.

The perfect 21st birthday gift is usually closely linked to the recipient’s interests or hobbies with just the right amount of personalisation to show that you care. Traditionally 21st birthday presents are made of silver but if your budget doesn’t stretch to that don’t worry, just read on for some innovative and fun ideas.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Expensive Watch – Most guys will have acquired a range of cheap and cheerful watches over the years but giving your boyfriend a stylish watch for his 21st birthday will give him something to cherish over the years.
  • Album / Photoframe – Birthdays are a time to reminisce about the past and reflect on what the future has to offer. Buying your boyfriend an album and filling it with pictures of him growing up and eventually meeting you can be a really great way to celebrate his 21st birthday and your relationship.
  • Mix Tapes – If your boyfriend is really into music then creating a mix tape (or more likely a collection of mp3s) containing 21 of his favourite songs will really make him happy. This gift will fit the smallest budget but can be expanded to include tickets to go see his favourite band if you want to really push the boat out.
  • Surprise Birthday Party – Throwing your boyfriend a surprise 21st birthday party can be a great way to demonstrate how much you care about him and will really start his birthday off with a bang.  Invite all of his close friends and have them jump out at the opportune moment to ensure that the day is unforgettable.
  • Memorable Evening Out – If surprises really aren’t your boyfriends idea of fun then you can still treat him to a really memorable evening out with all of his friends. If his birthday is in the summertime then why not head down to the beach and try out your surfing skills. Alternatively, if the weather is slightly colder you could stay indoors and go out clubbing, just don’t forget to have a good theme!


Hopefully these 21st birthday present ideas have helped you choose exactly what you want to buy your boyfriend for his birthday. However, if you still need help choosing the perfect birthday gift or coming up with that killer party idea then head on over to The Inspirational Gift for tons of great milestone birthday suggestions.

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