Fishing for Trout with the Banjo Minnow

Have You Used The Banjo Minnow?

Banjo MinnowAfter years of being on the market, the criticism about the effectiveness and efficiency of the banjo minnow continues among fishermen. Both professional and amateur fish gamers have debated on the possibility of a bigger catch using the banjo lure.

Up to this day, experienced fishermen still argue that a pack of old-fashioned worms can also do whatever the banjo minnows can do. On the other hand, enthusiasts of the minnows say that the size and the quality of their catch have steadily improves since they started using the lures. If that is the case, then one of the most important questions to ask is, “it is possible to catch trout with a banjo minnow?”.

According to its features, a banjo minnow imitates the movement and motion of a dying minnow. The wriggling motion of the lure that resembles that of a wounded minnow allows the target fish to be lured. Some even say that the different colors of the lure create an illusion that attracts different kinds of fish, including trout.

For many anglers, trout fishing is one of the hardest challenges to take. Trout are very sensitive and won’t bite easily. But if you want to catch trout using a banjo lure, the trick is to know what kinds of prey fish live around your fishing area. If the prey fish around the area are small, silver fish, you must use a minnow that is also small in size with a shade of silver in it. That way you are emulating the situation for the trout’s natural feeding environment. By doing so, you increase your chance of a bite and hopefully a catch.

The important thing to do if you want to try trout fishing with a banjo minnow is to know your fishing environment. Once you get to know the predator and prey fish in the area, you can find a way to emulate the feeding environment using the different lures included in your banjo minnow pack.

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