Fish Cleaning Table Plans

Should You Buy or Make Your Fish Cleaning Table?

fish cleaning tableAny angler who has had to clean a fish on the shoreline or on the water knows that a flat surface makes the messy job so much easier.  Many anglers are now finding that cleaning fish on the shore has been banned at their favorite fishing spots.  Fish and game chapters have aided fisherman by building a fish cleaning station at more popular fishing locations.  It is likely that more remote or less popular fishing locations won’t have a station to use.  Lets look at some fish cleaning station designs and plans for you to build your own.

If you were to take a fish cleaning table with you to your fishing location of choice, it would need to be portable.  That means it should be small and as lightweight as possible.  The big fish cleaning stations have a few elements that help them be effective tools for fisherman.  First of all, they need a hard, flat surface to work on.  It can be a table or raised counter top.  They also have a sink with running fresh water.  Some have integrated garbage disposals to help waste removal.  A waste bin is another essential item.

Checking some fish cleaning table plans and designs, some of these elements won’t be feasible.  Rule out the sink and garbage disposal.  But a portable table with a hard surface could be used.  For the sink, a large bowl could be substituted and filled with fresh water before cleaning the fish.  Seal-able garbage bags will aid in waste removal while keeping away foul smells.  The more portable and lightweight the table is, the easier it will be to take fishing.

Remember sanitation.  Clean cutting utensils and surfaces are essential when dealing with raw meat.  A good disinfectant should be used on the surface, along with anti-bacterial hand soap.

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